Liberty Riders, Inc. would like to thank everyone who helped us with our Strolling Thru The Stalls Wine and Beer Tasting Event.  It was the best year we have had yet!  Without everyone’s help setting up the arena, cleaning up the barn, getting donations and sponsors, volunteering during the event, the wineries and breweries, the catering, and of course the clean up on the next day, this event would never happen.  So this is a huge thank you going out to all the friends, family, attendees, and whom ever we missed!

We would like to thank everyone that helped make our auction amazing this year!
Adam Peters                                  
Anglers Outfitters, St. Clair, MI                      
Anita’s Rest
Artistic Stitches
Bagger Daves, Chesterfield, MI
Ball Equipment, Richmond
Barry Shaver
Blair & Melissa Rood
Bruce Simon
Buff’s Port Huron
Caitlin Butlin
Carol Doubles
Cepeda Family
Charlotte Godfrey
Chili Peppers Tanning
Chris & Judy Adeiman
Christmas Tree Shop
CJ Barrymore’s
Connie Hanel & Julianne Christy
Courtney Seaford
Croswell Fire Department
Dairy Queen Richmond
Dee Caimi
Dr. Carl Sattleberg
Erin Janos
Family Video Richmond
G & E Auto
Gill Roy’s Got It, Port Huron
Goodells Equestrian Center
Great Clips
Greene Family
Greenia’s Outdoor Power & Sport
Grondins Richmond
Heartland Steel Products
Hetzel Hoisting Crane Rental
Home Depot Shelby Twp.
Jason Bennitti
Job Family
Josephine & Donald David
Kaye’s Café
Lee Industrial Contracting
Leslie Peterson
Linda Deyo
Line Guard Investments
Little Ceasars Richmond
MI Junktiques Richmond
Michigan Science Center
Mr. C’s Car Wash
Neiman’s Family Market
Premier Designs Jewlery
Raelani Stockwell Photography
Rattle Run Golf Course
Rob’s Super Car Wash
Rood Family
RS Contracting
Sandi Zarzicki
Sara Bethune
Sattleberg Family
Scotty Gee
Seaford Family
Shear Maddness Salon
Shear Trends
State Farm
Steel City Richmond
Subway Richmond
Susan Deraedt
Swampfoot 4Mile
Sweet Tooth, Marine City
Ted’s Coney Island Richmond
Texas Road House, Chesterfield, MI
The Home Depot
Theresa Wegner
Tim Horton’s Richmond
Tim Redmond
Tractor Supply Co.
Tri Star Roofing
VF Sports
Week’s Meat Market Richmond
Zimmer’s Sales & Service
Zoe & Brian Roy

Of Course we want to thank:
Sage Creek Winery
Green Barn Winery
Dizzy Daisy Winery
War Water Brewery
Harden’s Island Brewery
Earl Smith Distributors
Reb Barn Market
Rising Stars Academy

We hope to see you all next year!!!

Posted on May 24, 2016 by Sarah

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